Cajun Industries is currently hiring 48 Jobs in Texas and Louisiana – Fire/Hole Watch, Rigger, Iron Worker Class A, Iron Worker Foreman, Iron Worker Class A, P6 Scheduler, Pipefitter Class C, Laborer, Welder, Payroll Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Operator – Dirt & Finish, Operator – Hyd RT Crane, Project Manager, Carpenter, Carpenter Helper, Operator – Dirt & Finish, Truck Driver – CDL, Carpenter, Carpenter Helper, Finisher, Operator – Light, Operator – Dirt & Finish, Pipefitter Class A, Carpenter, Laborer, Proposal Coordinator, Site QC Inspector, Carpenter Helper, Carpenter Helper, Carpenter, Laborer, Carpenter, Rigger, Operator – Hyd RT Crane, Laborer, Pipefitter Class A, Welder – Combo, Laborer, Iron Worker Class A, Laborer, Sr. Project Controls, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Millwright Class A, Operator – Light, Site QC Technician, Laborer and heavy hauling. Few in the region possess the depth of experience you get from Cajun.

The following jobs have been posted to help the thousands of members in our facebook group find employment. We are not affiliated with any companies listed at our website and we are not recruiters. Any and all jobs listed are to help out with your job search. We offer free job postings for employers, post a job for free or feel free connect directly with our job seekers  by joining our facebook group.

Jobs At Cajun Industries:

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Fire/Hole Watch – Franklin, La. 19-329

Rigger – Convent, La. 20-060

Iron Worker Class A – Convent, La. 20-060

Iron Worker Foreman – Convent, La. 20-060

Iron Worker Class A – Gramercy, La. 19-650

P6 Scheduler – Baton Rouge

Pipefitter Class C – St. James, LA 19-359

Laborer – Franklin, LA 20-016

Welder – Norco, LA 20-054

Payroll Clerk – Baton Rouge, LA

Accounts Payable Clerk – Baton Rouge, LA

Operator – Dirt & Finish – Geismar, LA 19-006

Operator – Hyd RT Crane – Gramercy, La. 19-650

Project Manager – La Porte, TX

Carpenter – Moss Point, MS 20-003

Carpenter Helper – Moss Point, MS 20-003

Operator – Dirt & Finish – Plaquemine, LA 20-053

Truck Driver – CDL – Geismar, LA 20-057

Carpenter – Norco, LA 20-054

Carpenter Helper – Norco, LA 20-054

Finisher – Plaquemine, LA 20-053

Operator – Light – Plaquemine, La. 19-348

Operator – Dirt & Finish – Garyville, LA 19-057

Pipefitter Class A – Gramercy, La. 19-650

Carpenter – Plaquemine,LA

Laborer – Westport A19-407

Proposal Coordinator – Baton Rouge

Site QC Inspector – Deer Park, TX

Carpenter Helper – Salt Lake City, Utah

Carpenter Helper – Geismar, LA 20-057

Carpenter – Geismar, LA 20-057 Methanex

Laborer – Geismar, LA 20-057 Methanex

Carpenter – Plaquemine LA 19-067

Rigger – Deer Park, TX (19-413)

Operator – Hyd RT Crane – Deer Park, TX (19-413)

Laborer – Deer Park, TX (19-413)

Pipefitter Class A – Deer Park, TX (19-413)

Welder – Combo – Deer Park, TX (19-413)

Laborer – Plaquemine LA 20-053

Iron Worker Class A – Texas City, TX (19-154)

Laborer – Norco, LA 20-054

Sr. Project Controls – LaPorte, TX

Project Manager – LaPorte, TX

Senior Project Manager – LaPorte, Texas

Millwright Class A – Deer Park, TX (19-407)

Operator – Light – Bayport, TX (19-155)

Site QC Technician – Deer Park, TX

Laborer – Convent, La

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