McDermott is Hiring 40 Jobs including: Painter/Blaster, Laborer, Senior Electrician, Barge Mechanic, Vessel Medic, Rating Engineer Watch/QMED, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, Oiler, Deck Engineer, Barge Leaderman, Rigger Leaderman, Chief Electrician, Welder Leaderman (OffCon), Welder Foreman (OffCon), LVL2 Compliance Coordinator, Senior Offshore Construction Manager, Barge Foreman/Asst Barge Superintendent, Scaffolder, Barge Electrician, Senior Pipeline Welder, Vessel Safety Advisor, Offshore Administrator, E&M Supervisor, Electrical Technical Officer, E & M Superintendent, Lay System Supervisor, Main Crane Operator, Crane Operator – Support, 3rd Mate, 1st Assistant Engineer, Ordinary Seaman, Able Bodied Seaman, Bosun, 2nd Mate, Chief Engineer, Deck Foreman, E & M System Technician, Chief Mate, Captain and transport hydrocarbons.

The following jobs have been posted to help the thousands of members in our facebook group find employment. We are not affiliated with any companies listed on our website and we are not recruiters. Any and all jobs listed are to help out with your job search. We offer free job postings for employers, post a job for free or feel free connect directly with our job seekers  by joining our facebook group.

Jobs At McDermott:

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Painter/Blaster – USA-Texas-Galena Park

Laborer – USA-Texas-Gregory

Senior Electrician – USA-Texas-Houston

Barge Mechanic – USA-Texas-Houston

Vessel Medic – USA-Texas-Houston

Rating Engineer Watch/QMED – USA-Texas-Houston

2nd Engineer – USA-Texas-Houston

3rd Engineer – USA-Texas-Houston

Oiler – USA-Texas-Houston

Deck Engineer – USA-Texas-Houston

Barge Leaderman – USA-Texas-Houston

Rigger Leaderman – USA-Texas-Houston

Chief Electrician – USA-Texas-Houston

Welder Leaderman (OffCon) – USA-Texas-Houston

Welder Foreman (OffCon) – USA-Texas-Houston

LVL2 Compliance Coordinator – USA-Texas-Houston

Senior Offshore Construction Manager – USA-Texas-Houston

Barge Foreman/Asst Barge Superintendent – USA-Texas-Houston

Scaffolder – USA-Texas-Houston

Barge Electrician – USA-Texas-Houston

Senior Pipeline Welder – USA-Texas-Houston

Vessel Safety Advisor – USA-Texas-Houston

Offshore Administrator – USA-Texas-Houston

E&M Supervisor – USA-Texas-Houston

Electrical Technical Officer – USA-Texas-Houston

E & M Superintendent – USA-Texas-Houston

Lay System Supervisor – USA-Texas-Houston

Main Crane Operator – USA-Texas-Houston

Crane Operator – Support – USA-Texas-Houston

3rd Mate – USA-Texas-Houston

1st Assistant Engineer – USA-Texas-Houston

Ordinary Seaman – USA-Texas-Houston

Able Bodied Seaman – USA-Texas-Houston

Bosun – USA-Texas-Houston

2nd Mate – USA-Texas-Houston

Chief Engineer – USA-Texas-Houston

Deck Foreman – USA-Texas-Houston

E & M System Technician – USA-Texas-Houston

Chief Mate – USA-Texas-Houston

Captain – USA-Texas-Houston

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